Performance Management and Continuous Improvement System
designed for business service operations (SSC, BPO, BIFS, Back Office).



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We have identified an efficient combination and sequence of using selected tools that provide METHODOLOGY, which is:


The creation of the Positive Productivity® methodology was a common effort involving many professionals. It took 5 years, numerous trials, innovations and lessons learned due to the engagement of many clients sharing observations with us about the factors contributing to their sustained success. Positive Productivity® implementations have shown that day to day performance management based on transparency of all performed activities enables employee engagement and creation of the continuous improvement culture. It is based on the regular, every day, every week cycle of improvements using facts and figures. It has been proven that this approach fits the key needs of business service operations (SSC, BPO, BIFS, Back Office).

Positive Productivity® is focused on implementing skills,

shared standards and systematic habits that build a sustainable culture of:

All these 3 dimensions of the methodology are implemented simultaneously, step by step. The implementation is supported by an easy to use IT tool to engage employees through team habits. And it’s all based on transparency – facts about work time, not opinions.

A structured methodology to prepare your processes for automation:

Process automation is a fad that is riddled with many myths and contains many pitfalls. Lack of awareness of these can do a lot of damage to organizations and expose them to additional costs of time and money. Meanwhile, it is crucial to prepare the organization by involving employees in optimization and standardization. Automation can thus be implemented more sensibly, faster and cheaper.

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Visualizing the Positive Productivity Model:

Our approach is used by top companies in the modern business services sector in 22 countries worldwide:
In which countries is Positive Productivity used?

Testimonials: SSC, BPO, and BIFS business service operations

We have achieved a 30% improvement in productivity in the pilot team. Now employees want to improve continuously.

Renata Kabas-Komorniczak
Partner, Business Process Outsourcing Services, Rödl and Partner

The approach introduces a customer-centric, collaborative culture. It promotes innovation, trust and speed.

Phlip Woodburn
VP Finance Shared Services Global Services & Operations, Schneider Electric

Now we focus on optimization. When a new contract arrives we do not have to recruit new employees.

Tomasz Brożyna
Regional COO East Europe, Mondial Assistance, member of Allianz Group

After 1 year of implementation productivity increased by 100% and at the same time we gained an additional 8% of revenue.

Waldemar Hlebowicz
Dyrektor Zarządzający, Raiffeisen Insurance

We have many results: the mindset has shifted, we have improved quality, we have standardized our “unique” processes.

Rafał Kozłowski
CFO, Wiceprezes, Asseco Poland