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Contact: Kamil Lissowski, email: tel.: (+48) 501 699 430

How does it work?

  • You will become an employee of the Service Centre
  • Each stage of the simulation will equip you with the tools and methods required to increase effectiveness and staff involvement
  • You will be responsible for their implementation and results monitoring. The stages of the simulation are interlayered with inspirational and knowledge based workshop modules
  • At the end you will be invited to present your results. The whole workshop is also enriched with case studies based on specific implementations

What will you experience?

  • You will gain a practical insight into optimizing, analytical and managerial tools
  • How to prepare organization for automation (Robotic Process Automation)
  • You will gain benefit from a simultaneous improvement in productivity and positivity
  • You will identify new development possibilities and areas for employee engagement, development and optimization
  • You will discover the new potential of your organization
  •  You will be inspired to create improvement plans and implementation strategies

Download detailed workshop folder – ENG (PDF)

Download detailed workshop folder- PL (PDF)

Find below a movie with the testimonies of five leaders:

Personal references:

Rafał Kozłowski

Vice-President and CFO Asseco Poland

„I think it is worth participating in the strategic workshops, because they show how much reserves lie dormant in any organization”

Wiktor Doktór

CEO Pro Progressio

„For me personally – it was a fantastic experience.”

Philip Woodburn

VP Finanse Shared Services Global Services and Operations, Schneider Electric

„It’s getting us to think not just of the process but what we do to serve the customer. Customer is the king and – we need to serve customer.”

Tomasz Tuszyński / Renata Kabas-Komorniczak

Managers, Rödl & Partner

„It’s really good way to start. And to see, what we need in our organization – in a really simple way.”

Organizational information:

Language of the workshop: Polish (or English in case of many English-speaking participants)

Place: Warsaw.

Kamil Lissowski, email:, phone: (+48) 501 699 430