FOUR stages of implementation

Each organization is different. Each Positive Productivity® implementation is different. 

The methodology is flexible and easily adapted to the particular specific needs, culture and level of organizational maturity of the user.

Dozens of implementations in different service organizations from sales to finance, from IT to customer care, from claims to back office, from big international  corporations to a local office with 5 employees – prove that the Positive Productivity® methodology fits the needs of the client.

Irina Semushkina

Associate Partner, BPO Russia  Rödl & Partner

„Methodology is structured. There are four steps – four gates – and we have very strict criteria for each gate. We can assess, we know the goals, where to go, hat should be reached.”

Rafał Kozłowski

CFO, Vice-President Asseco Poland

“The truth is that in the back office, and in particular in finance, people like a structured approach”.

Before we start the project there is a preparations stage including process analysis, Positive Productivity Training, change management training, communication, goals set up, project management set up and etc. Then the team is ready to start the journey.

The completion of each stage is possible only if specified criteria have been fulfilled. They are determined in advance and we called the set of these criteria GATES.
Some of our clients decide that their teams will only go to gate 2, while some continue their journey to gate 4. What is obligatory is the sequence of steps and the completion of one step before advancing to the next step.


Building a transparency and visual management system via the measurement of daily work and its daily analysis.


Building a continuous improvement cycle through the identification of problems in various processes.


Improving end to end process scope as well as improving collaboration and communication with clients and all stakeholders involved.


Standardizing processes, improving task routines, ensuring best practice sharing, know-how, sustainability and flexibility. Preparing organization for automation of processes.

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