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Renata Kabas-Komorniczak

Partner, BPO Poland, Rödl & Partner

“We needed the tool capturing the time in the real time, the very detailed activities, because its crucial from the point of view of BPO business.”

Rafał Kozłowski

CFO, Vice-President, Asseco Poland

“I think that one of the most important effects is the ability to measure our operations. Without measuring, we cannot say whether we achieve our goals […] we are even unable to identify our costs. ”

Waldemar Hlebowicz

Managing Director, Raiffeisen Insurance

“After one month we could see the effects of this implementation. We could see, measure and observe the new reality. In fact, we started to notice details that emerged from a blurred view.”

Katarzyna Kielak-Kępa / Tomasz Henke

Team leaders, BPO Poland, Rödl & Partner


“First of all, we have transparent data to analyze our work, time, activities and what we can improve, where we can look for some scope for improvements. ”

Dorota Radomska

Customer Service Manager, Raben Logistics Poland

“Numbers are important. They allow you to monitor, they actually visualise our work, help in decision-making, allow you to monitor the business indicators and help kind of verify the results of the implemented improvements.”

Tomasz Tuszyński

Operational Excellence Manager, BPO International, Rödl & Partner

“It’s a very light implementation cycle so the implementation within teams took few days and the teams were ready to register time and really use the software.”


Specialist, Raiffeisen Insurance

“HarmoDesk is a simple tool, it’s easy to handle and does not require any additional training. Training a new person would take a few minutes. The program is really simple.”


Specialist, Raiffeisen Insurance

“HarmoDesk allows to control one’s own results and progress . You can see how many activities have been done on a particular day and which are to be done”


Specialist, Raiffeisen Insurance

“My work is better organized now, I can focus on my work, on my part of responsibilities, on the task I undertake and implement. I don’t have to think what else still needs to be done.”


Senior Associate, BPO Poland,  Rödl & Partner

“I have accepted it. There are different applications for time recording in other companies. In comparison, HarmoDesk is not difficult at all. ”