THREE dimensions of results

Positive Productivity® has been proven to provide simultaneous improvements in three dimensions:
Positivity (Engagement), Productivity (Process Efficiency) and Customer Satisfaction (Customer Experience).
What added value does Positive Productivity bring in comparison to other optimization methodologies?
  1. We harmonize the combination of Positivity and Productivity. Both aspects are crucial in achieving the required business results, while focusing on just one of them usually brings a decrease in the other. We ensure the parallel development of both elements.
  2. We start by putting the employees in the customer’s shoes. The basis for achieving a positive and breakthrough customer experience is to foster a mind shift in employee attitudes, to perceive all their tasks from the customer’s perspective, and hence instilling in them the desire to make improvements.


Improvements in these 3 dimensions translates directly into additional profit and improvements in different areas of key importance to the organization, such as:
reduced employee turnover, reduced operating costs, and improved rate of clients who become promoters.


Positive Productivity Satisfaction Model - business results perspective

Find out more about the experiences of managers and employees :
Waldemar Hlebowicz

Waldemar Hlebowicz
Managing Director, Raiffeisen Insurance

„The result of this project exceeded any expectations, because from the  assumed goal of a 30% increase in efficiency, one year after completion of the project our performance has doubled.”

team leaderzy rodl & partner

International Pilot Team Leaders
Rödl and Partner

„People are starting to see the results which is a very important matter because they are feeling motivated.”

tomasz brożyna

Tomasz Brożyna
Regional COO East Europe, Mondial Assistance, member of Allianz Group

„What is the most important is time which we saved with the optimization process. This time decreased by approx. 50%. The number of outgoing phone calls decreased by half. The number of e-mails sent to clients also dropped by 30%.”

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