TWO Key pillars that make Positive Productivity® so powerful

“In the service industry if you know exactly where the time of your employees is spent – you have the ability manage the main asset you have”

Transparency enables line employees to see every day results based on facts and figures from their level of the organisation. They know how their time is spent, what their current level of performance is, the current problems, the potential for improvement and they can visualize the impact of their improvements using the numbers.

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Team Habits
“What differentiates good and great teams is their ability for regular and sustainable execution of successful pattern of behaviour”

Team Habits enable line employees to build shared standards of teamwork,  regularly improve their working environment and experience the power of teamwork in their performance during recurring daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly team activities.

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Smart implementation of transparency and team habits creates a powerful flywheel, a fertile ground and a solid foundation for the sustainable performance management and continues improvement culture.

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Why transparency is the simplest way to achieve better results

The Positive Productivity® transformation starts with mapping all of the activities performed by the team and translating the business strategy into measurable indicators that support everyday business. It is based on providing transparent, reliable, time based data to be used by the operational teams on an everyday basis. The right, reliable, activity based data and its visualization is the key for the employees to SEE  what they should focus on.

In order to harness the power of Transparency we use HarmoDesk – a simple online IT tool which can be implemented very quickly (even in 1 day). It does not require any transactional system changes. It is used by all employees to capture data during daily, current tasks. This data provides reliable information about the time spent on all types of activities, identification of the most common problems, workload distribution and many other factors. Time based data are then used by the teams as the main source of information. It helps them to manage their performance and improve their work.


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Renata Kabas-Komorniczak
Renata Kabas-Komorniczak

Partner, BPO Poland, Rödl & Partner

“We needed the tool capturing the time in the real time, the very detailed activities, because its crucial from the point of view of BPO business.”

rafał kozłowski
Rafał Kozłowski

CFO, Vice-President, Asseco Poland

“I think that one of the most important effects is the ability to measure our operations. Without measuring, we cannot say whether we achieve our goals […] we are even unable to identify our costs. ”

Waldemar Hlebowicz
Waldemar Hlebowicz

Managing Director, Raiffeisen Insurance

“After one month we could see the effects of this implementation. We could see, measure and observe the new reality. In fact, we started to notice details that emerged from a blurred view.”

Katarzyna Kielak-Kępa
Katarzyna Kielak-Kępa / Tomasz Henke

Team leaders, BPO Poland, Rödl & Partner


“First of all, we have transparent data to analyze our work, time, activities and what we can improve, where we can look for some scope for improvements. ”

dorota radomska
Dorota Radomska

Customer Service Manager, Raben Logistics Poland

“Numbers are important. They allow you to monitor, they actually visualise our work, help in decision-making, allow you to monitor the business indicators and help kind of verify the results of the implemented improvements.”

tomasz tuszyński
Tomasz Tuszyński

Operational Excellence Manager, BPO International, Rödl & Partner

“It’s a very light implementation cycle so the implementation within teams took few days and the teams were ready to register time and really use the software.”


Specialist, Raiffeisen Insurance

“HarmoDesk is a simple tool, it’s easy to handle and does not require any additional training. Training a new person would take a few minutes. The program is really simple.”


Specialist, Raiffeisen Insurance

“HarmoDesk allows to control one’s own results and progress . You can see how many activities have been done on a particular day and which are to be done”


Specialist, Raiffeisen Insurance

“My work is better organized now, I can focus on my work, on my part of responsibilities, on the task I undertake and implement. I don’t have to think what else still needs to be done.”

marta rycak

Senior Associate, BPO Poland,  Rödl & Partner

“I have accepted it. There are different applications for time recording in other companies. In comparison, HarmoDesk is not difficult at all. ”

Why do Team Habits facilitate the full potential of specialists?

Our experience in the business service industry proves that there is a huge potential for using collective intelligence and experience for the purpose of performance and process improvement.

We have learned that the best way to unleash this potential
is through the implementation of particular Team Habits that foster:

best practices sharing

common problem solving

workload balancing and skills development


Team Habits facilitates an observable transition from a group of individuals; specialists who just focus on their own work towards a team that uses the advantages of teamwork for the sake of both team and individual performance. This team transformation can be accomplished using the Positive Productivity® methodology in a fast and fluid manner. The implementation of Team Habits facilitates the practical use of the effects of Transparency and has a direct impact on the way that employees experience change. Team Habits provide a way to empower the team to use facts and figures (collected data) on a regular daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis to engage everybody in continuous performance and process improvement. There are 7 Team Habits that create a sustainable high performance and continuous improvement culture.

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Renata Kabas-Komorniczak
Renata Kabas-Komorniczak

Partner, BPO Poland, Rödl & Partner

“I think the main issue in implementing Lean is a good start. You have to start with the simple way to convince employees. Not with “the shop with tools” at the beginning but implementing the good habits, good simply habits and sustaining these habits.”

Katarzyna Dworowska
Katarzyna Dworowska

Customer Service Team Coordinator, Raben Logistics Poland

“We are not afraid to talk. And I think we started to trust each other more. ”

Menedżerowie i pracownicy, Raiffeisen Insurance Agency
Managers and employees, Raiffeisen Insurance Agency

“Daily meetings with my employees in front of the visualisation board with results showed what we can catch up in a few days, weeks or event in one month.” Anna Bałdyga, Department Manager, Raiffeisen Insurance.

Katarzyna Hajduk
Katarzya Hajduk

Customer Service Team Coordinator,  Raben Logistics Poland

“Thanks to the daily meetings we can be up to date with our KPIs and verify the trends, how does it look like in the long term. Each one of us can respond and report issues immediately, but also present the ideas of improvement. ”

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