ONE Methodology embracing all key needs of business service operations
(SSC, BPO, BIFS, Back Office)

“Positive Productivity? –  I have finally found what I was looking for during the last few years ”

Teresa Rondomańska, FiSS Mexico Director & Leanergy Global, Schneider Electric 

Creation of the Positive Productivity® methodology is a common effort of many professionals. It took 5 years, numerous trials, innovations and lessons learned due to the engagement of many clients sharing their observations with us concerning factors which played a part in their sustained success.

What is the short definition of Positive Productivity®?

Positive Productivity® – a structured methodology of building a sustainable continuous improvement culture in the business service industry.

Positive Productivity® is about creating a transparent work environment and engaging all employees to focus on Customer experience and adding value.

The step by step implementation of simple team habits results in the systematic release of extra time and energy!

The main questions our Clients asks themesleves are:

  • How do we engage our employees to improve their working environment every day?
  • How do we focus our efforts to achieve a sustainable cultural change?
  • How do we release time and energy of our employees in order to unleash the potential of our teams?

There is an abundance of tools and methodologies on the market that strive to provide the means to answer the questions posed above.

We have identified an efficient combination and sequence of using selected tools that provide METHODOLOGY, which is:


Find out more about why business services industry leaders decided that Positive Productivity® is the way to achieve their strategy.

Renata Kabas-Komorniczak
Renata Kabas-Komorniczak

Partner, BPO Services, Rödl & Partner

“We are dealing with three perspectives, this is the client, this is our business and these are our employees. Positive and Productivity embrace all what’s really important in, from the employee perspective. And the other two perspective are as well in this methodology.”

rafał kozłowski
Rafał Kozłowski

CFO, Vice-President, Asseco Poland

“Positive Productivity assumes positivity or I would say drivers, that make people enthusiastic about this method. They start to use it and it starts to spread in the organization.

wiktor doktór
Wiktor Doktór

CEO, Pro Progressio

“The methodology of Positive Productivity fits very well in the trend which is currently present in large organizations helping to optimize intercompany processes.”

Phlip Woodburn
Phlip Woodburn

VP Finance Shared Services Global Services & Operations, Schneider Electric

“It introduces a customer-centric, collaborative culture. It promotes innovation, trust and speed.”

team leaderzy rodl & partner
International Pilot Team Leaders

Rödl & Partner

“Methodology is structured. There are four steps – four gates – and we have very strict criteria for each gate. We can assess, we know the goals, where to go, what should be reached.” 

tomasz tuszyński
Tomasz Tuszyński

Operational Excellence Manager, BPO International Rödl & Partner

“Building the culture basing on the numbers, data driven culture is the one thing that differentiates the Positive Productivity from the other methodologies.”

marta rycak

Senior Associate, BPO Poland,  Rödl & Partner

“The Positive Productivity project engages team members, regardless of their seniority and position, in a natural way, makes them understand everyday duties.”

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