Positive Productivity Certification Program

In most cases our clients use the implementation project as an opportunity to acquire the know-how they need to equip selected employees and managers with the competences to implement Positive Productivity® with the same quality, without the need for professional consultants.

Certification aids those selected professionals who are passionate to learn and acquire competences in the areas of performance management and continues improvement, and is the fastest and cheapest way for business services organizations to build their own capabilities for using the methodology.

During the project, selected employees will be trained and certified. The training covers all the skills necessary for independent implementation of Positive Productivity®.

The process involves 3 steps:


Learning through participation and observation


Facilitating workshop with consultants


Facilitating workshop by leaders, independently

Certification is available at 3 levels:
  1. Positive Productivity® / Lean Expert
  • Expert in one or more areas of the methodology
  • Able to support Team Leaders in running the project
  • Has sufficient knowledge to evaluate the elements of the implementation and give feedback
  1. Positive Productivity® / Lean Master:
  • Has all the skills of the Lean Expert
  • Expert in all areas of the methodology
  • Able to conduct implementations independently
  • Able to facilitate all events
  • Able to manage project implementation, and support the work teams
  1. Positive Productivity®/ Lean Master Trainer
  • Has all the skills of the Lean Master
  • Conducts coaching and mentoring of Lean Master candidates
  • Able to evaluate skills
  • Issues Lean Expert and Lean Master certificates
  • Has extensive experience in the implementation of optimization projects



Damian Zduń
First certificated Positive Productivity/ Lean Master.

The Positive Productivity®/ Lean Certified Masters community is growing. We have started to co-organize and facilitate meetings for Positive Productivity® professionals in order to strengthen the knowledge sharing and networking possibilities.


Would you like to enhance your career and become a Positive Productivity/ Lean Certified professional? Contact us!