Inspirational and team building event – for the staff at offsite meetings

We have already realized dozens of internal big events
with groups ranging from 50 to more than 200 employees.
The main idea of such an event is to deliver a mind shifting experience
with a mixture of fan games, inspirational examples and group exercises that introduce employees
to the concept of continuous improvement at their level and an understanding of the need for change.

Kamila Dąbrowska

Head of Training and Development in the Human Resources Department, Warta

I very much appreciate the workshop […] The company took up the challenge to organize a workshop for 70 participants, showing its professionalism and ability to engage a group. Therefore, I have the impression that the employees got to know the Lean philosophy and saw its benefits both before and after its implementation.

We also organize a strategic workshop similar to the one described above as an open seminar – please find out the date and availability.