Strategic Workshop

Internal workshop – for top and middle management

We have already realized more than 40 internal corporate strategic workshops in recent years. Based on this vast experience we have built a programme that has been proven to be highly engaging and inspiring for long term strategic discussion in various business services companies.

Each event is different and adjusted to the client’s needs. However it is usually structured around the following steps:

Step 1:

Introducing the main LEAN/Six Sigma, BPM, Performance Management concepts and tools using inspiring examples and linking them with Strategy execution

Step 2:

Process improvement implementation in the attractive form of simulation


Step 3.

Workshops which are conducted based on real workplace challenges: finding the solutions to problems and identifying the potential for improvement

Step 4.
Exchange of ideas and execution plan

Structured discussion focused on the delivery of the improvement plan and transforming workshop insights into executable activity.

How will you benefit from the workshop?

  • Knowledge necessary to implement strategy in your service company
  • Knowledge of effective methods and the tools of Lean/Six Sigma/ BPM/ Performance Management
  • Increased awareness of problems that occur in currently conducted projects
  • Energy for implementing changes

Find below a movie with the testimonies of five leaders:

strategic workshop

Personal references:

Tomasz Henke

Tomasz Tuszyński / Renata Kabas-Komorniczak

Managers, Rödl & Partner

“It’s really good way to start. And to see, what we need in our organization – in a really simple way.”

rafał kozłowski

Rafał Kozłowski

Vice-President and CFO Asseco Poland

“I think it is worth participating in the strategic workshops, because they show how much reserves lie dormant in any organization”

wiktor doktór

Wiktor Doktór

CEO, Pro Progressio

“For me personally – it was a fantastic experience.”

Phlip Woodburn

Philip Woodburn

VP Finanse Shared Services Global Services and Operations, Schneider Electric

“It’s getting us to think not just of the process but what we do to serve the customer. Customer is the king and – we need to serve customer.”

We also organize a strategic workshop similar to the one described above as an open seminar – please find out the date and availability.