Automation Acceleration!  31.03.2020 Warsaw, ul. Zlota 59 (Lumen Building, next to Centralna Station) price 1250 zł/net

Today, technology is not a barrier to implementing automation. The main obstacle is the current state of processes as well as attitudes and competencies of people. Learn the best practices that will help you quickly eliminate these limitations.
The workshop will give you specific knowledge and practical experiences that will provide energy and tenacity to accelerate transformation in your organisation. Discover how to build team involvement in process improvement and automation. Experience the speed of change in 4 steps and see how it translates into better results!

Automation Acceleration is a change in mindset to have 10x greater impact on engagement and results!!!

If you face challenges that raise the following questions:

  • How to significantly reduce automation/robotisation costs and ensure a quick return on investment from this process?
  • How to overcome the barrier of the lack of transparency of business processes and change the attitude “it cannot be further optimised”?
  • How to make decisions on improvements and implementation of automation based on reliable, unambiguous facts instead of using opinions and subjective views?
  • How to effectively engage employees in “cleansing” the processes from wastefulness and variability?
  • Which level of process standardisation leads to automation/robotisation that is a natural consequence of improvements – consolidates the optimal, the most efficient way of operation and provides a finishing touch at the same time
  • How to use technology to automate operational team management processes and build effective teams?
  • How to get ten times more robots soon after getting the first ones?

… this event will provide you with specific solutions to your problems.


Why is it worth participating in Automation Acceleration?

  • You will discover a proven path and tools that are 100% dedicated to transforming business services.
  • You will discover how to change the way of thinking in your organisation step by step.
  • You will learn in practice the power of using IT tools: performance and job transparency, workflow management and capacity balancing, SLA control, business analytics, RPA.
  • You will learn how to effectively measure work, productivity, timeliness and quality in a business services environment.
  • You will experience how the teamwork combined with data, experimentation and improvements engages the team.
  • You will discover new opportunities to develop and stimulate employee engagement and prepare the organisation to use the potential of automation/robotisation.
  • You will find out how to standardise activities within a process so that automation/robotisation is effective, fast and cheap.
  • Your day will end with a specific plan and structured ideas on how to implement changes in your organisation.

How are the workshops organised?

Inspirations, discussions and practical examples will be interspersed with team competition tasks in the form of a “business services transformation” simulation game.
During the workshop, you will become a team member/operational employee. During the subsequent stages of simulation, you will implement solutions that increase productivity through improvements and automation as well as through building employee engagement.

Individual solutions will be verified in practice on an ongoing basis during the workshop, so that by learning about their effectiveness during the simulation, you can then see the benefits of implementing them into your organisation.

The course of the strategic simulation game:

Why Automation Acceleration! – introduction.

Round 1. simulation game – See and measure to make changes. The use of process measurement, business analytics, data visualisation IT tools.
Round 2. simulation game – Start with low hanging apples. Exploitation of simple opportunities for improvement and automation.
Round 3. simulation game – Kick into a higher gear and accelerate. ROIbotization.

Summary – conclusion and next steps – what, how, when?



The event partner and host:

The event partner

The host:

Krzysztof Pimpicki

CEO, Business Services Transformation Strategy Advisor. Global Master Trainer, Program Manager. Co-founder and Co-owner of 4 Results sp. z o. o. He is a co-creator of Positive Productivity® business transformation methodology – a
sequence of best practices combining “soft” and “hard” team management tools dedicated to the Business Services industry. The co-creator of IT solutions supporting team management automation, which build a culture of employee engagement in optimisation and automation/robotisation of business processes through transparency and team habits. The author of the Automation Acceleration approach – a methodology for the involvement of all employees in automation – so as to achieve a 10-fold impact on the daily work of operational teams and the certainty of quick and multiple returns on investment. His 20-year experience in change management includes dozens of strategic
implementation projects and hundreds of workshops related to the management and operational efficiency in Business Services, which are provided by clients in more than 20 countries on four different continents.
Together with his wife, they raise three teenagers. A triathlete. A man learning how to BE better every day.

Mateusz Nitek

Head of Positive Productivity Technology, graduated from the Warsaw University of Technology and the University of Warsaw. Already during his studies, he participated in academic exchanges at Southern Denmark University and Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society. He has several years of varied experience in the development and implementation of IT tools. As a certified consultant of the Salesforce platform, he co-creates and develops an application that supports the optimisation of business processes by building transparency and enabling quick and easy automation/robotisation/standardisation of business processes. He effectively supports the work of implementation teams using the Positive Productivity® methodology. He gained his professional experience in Avon, Volvo, Deloitte, and 4Results. He is passionate about new technologies, and he implements his passions in his work.

Organisational information:

The workshop will take place in central Warsaw in the Lumen building, located at Złota 59, 00-120 Warsaw.

The workshop (9 a.m. – 5 p.m.) is conducted in a small group of 15 people who are responsible for achieving key business goals in Business Services or co-decide on the strategy of process improvement and automation. The price includes a networking lunch and coffee breaks, during which the participants can exchange their business experience, share challenges and successes, or present their achievements.

Automation Acceleration Strategic workshop and Business Services Transformation simulation game – price PLN 1250.

If the purchasing procedures in your company require an invoice to be issued before payment or in other situations, please submit your application via email to the event organiser: or by phone (+48) 501 699 430

Further training dates:


Dominik Czerwiński

LEAN Leader for Poland

Schenker Sp. z o.o.

“I was surprised that I wasn’t tired after a whole day of intensive work together − on the contrary, I left the workshop feeling committed, motivated, inspired and passionate about making changes using the method we experienced.

Automation Acceleration is a proposal for selecting a path that consistently leads to the accomplishment of our goal: a significant increase in customer satisfaction, both internally and externally, and the stronger involvement of our co-workers at the same time, something that is not so obvious in today’s approach to “cost optimisation”.

Jacek Stryczynski


“The workshop’s methodology is ground-breaking because it allows one to experience the effects of robotic transformations in practice, strengthens teamwork skills and involves you in the process of change. It teaches you how to organise such a project, and what tools to use and embed in the context of the company at the same time. If your intention is to improve the company’s operations, increasing its modernity, efficiency and employee involvement in efficient and agile business process robotisation, I recommend the Automation Acceleration workshop!”

Roma Naskręt

Business Process Manager

Jacobs Engineering

“Automation Acceleration is an extraordinary, professionally prepared and implemented workshop. In eight hours, from manual operation, through an optimisation process, to full process automation and performance documentation!

For sceptics, unbelievers and everyone, including managerial staff, looking for a justification to implement automation in the company. I highly recommend this workshop!”

Sebastian Schyck

Head of SSC

“I highly recommend the Automation Acceleration workshop because it offers a condensed chunk of knowledge on how to start changing SSC here and now. This workshop gives the SSC head the opportunity to experience how the sum of small changes in the daily behaviour of individual employees can completely change the perception of process efficiency in SSC. Stop relying on opinions, and start making decision based on facts.”

Jakub Staryga

Lean Architect

Europ Assistance,

Central & Eastern Europe

“The Automation Acceleration workshop is an inspiring experience that allows participants to understand in a simple and interesting way whether they are ready for the digital revolution, and what they need to do to make their transformation as effective as possible.

During the workshop there is time for reflection and discussions with other participants about the challenges and ways of overcoming them. I sincerely recommend the workshop to those who are just considering automation, robotisation and lean, but also to those who are already implementing such initiatives and are looking for a fresh, new perspective.”

Malwina Kocemba

Operational Director

Trodat Sp. z o.o.

“The Automation Acceleration workshop is an excellent way to learn about solutions that can help to optimise back office processes in practice. After the workshop, the enthusiasm for change grows quickly!”

“The workshop’s methodology is ground-breaking because it allows one to experience the effects of robotic transformations in practice, strengthens teamwork skills and involves you in the process of change. It teaches you how to organise such a project, and what tools to use and embed in the context of the company at the same time. If your intention is to improve the company’s operations, increasing its modernity, efficiency and employee involvement in efficient and agile business process robotisation, I recommend the Automation Acceleration workshop!”

Aleksander Kania
Sales Director – Poland

“Thank you for the opportunity to learn together, be inspired and some fun too! I also thank Krzysztof for his great energy and perfect coaching. A good balance between discipline, free experience exchange and fun. Top Class, Krzysztof!”

Piotr Kaźmierczak


Ambra Group

“The Automation Acceleration workshop was a valuable source of inspiration for us to identify and implement improvements to the Back-Office processes. I recommend it to everyone who finds business volumes or cost pressures challenging.”

Agata Chłopecka

Head of Administration Development Bureau

Provident Polska S.A.

“The Automation Acceleration workshop shows, in a practical way, how to use the available technology effectively to achieve maximum operational efficiency. A great combination and balance of theory and practice.”