Optimization: now you can experience it yourself. Premiere edition of the O! Game workshop


At the Banker’s Club, thanks to the courtesy of The Polish Banks Association had place the premiere edition of a workshop called “O! Game”. The name of the workshop is short for words: Optimization, Gamification, Analysis, Measurement, Engagement. 4Results company was the facilitator of the workshop.


Participants experienced during the workshop, using real case study, how to improve productivity of the team in 5 weeks. 4Results trainers showed how to use simple techniques and IT tools in order to measure and visualize results, identify and eliminates wastes of time, implement small and larger improvements in work environment, project new workflow of the process. The workshop lasted half a day.


One participant after the workshop said:  “It was very engaging. Interesting experience. On the one hand – the workshop is projected as a game, so you really feel the need to achieve better results. On the other hand, it is based on a real process, real business case. Therefore you can learn how to use simple tools in practice – such as business intelligence and workflow software – to improve results of your team.”


4 Results is a company that implements  performance management and continuous improvement system called Positive Productivity® in SSC/ BPO / BIFS sector. The methodology is currently used in 17 countries around the world. More about Positive Productivity can be found at: www.positiveproductivity.eu


Would you like to know more about the O!Game workshop? Contact us: Kazimierz Żurek, Kazimierz.zurek@4results.pl; +48 501 699 430.