“The workshop gave me a number of concrete ideas to increase added value in cooperation with clients and tremendous energy to act. I saw the scale of the savings resulting from the simplification and elimination of unnecessary work, and the impact of every element of daily operational work on the results. After this experience, I have a different, broader and fuller view of the strategic capabilities of our company.”

Zuzanna Kłys
Business Support Solution S.A.

“The examination of the effectiveness of employees and entire units is very important. However, the very collection of data is not as important as the ability to draw conclusions from these tests. As a result, it leads to specific process improvements in the organization.”

Arkadiusz Kiereś
ASSC Process Monitoring and Development Director
Orange Polska


“The workshop exceeded my expectations as regards how objectives were addressed, high quality provided, clear and intuitive materials used, modern technology integrated and always correct interaction levels between the participants. The workshop gave me awareness of techniques that can be used in our day-to-day work to increase productivity with some of the essential tools demonstrated during the workshop.”

Andreas Cioska
Motorola Solutions


“A very constructive meeting and a memorable day − these days it is more and more difficult to get out of work, and it was worth it, because I realized the need to increase productivity and at the same time positivity. I would also like to introduce the implementation of one improvement a week and standardize processes.”

Piotr Tatar
Head of FDS Operations, Asset & Fund Services
BNP Paribas Securities Services Poland


“I liked the concept of positivity, I’m glad that I made the first step on the road to continuous improvement. It all starts with the first step. More or less after 53 minutes I came to the conclusion that it was a very good idea to come here because the knowledge I gained here will help build our competitive advantage.”

Paweł Piotrowski


“An intense and very well prepared day. I realized that a lot of companies, focusing on productivity, forget the importance of positivity. In addition, measurement of work seems to me an essential element in the process of implementing changes.”

Patrycja Strzelecka 
Managing Director


“The content and the manner of presentation reminded me of the need for long-term action in order to build a sustainable competitive advantage. A very useful workshop, I’m glad that I could participate in it.”

Arkadiusz Rochowczyk
Managing Director & Head Business Service Center EMEA


“I am glad that the methods we discussed during the workshop emphasized the importance of small, daily improvements. It further convinced me that we are on the right track to building a culture of continuous improvement in my organization. I will be glad to share my knowledge with my team.”

Katarzyna Międła
Knowledge Management Manager


“In my opinion, the most interesting was the practical part of the meeting – exercises within the simulation. Thanks to them we were able to develop our knowledge, improve work and better understand the whole concept of Positive Productivity.”

Remigiusz Wojciechowski
Head of Service Center Gdansk


“A key element of the meeting for me was individual performance and the creation of the so-called High performance culture. I am convinced that cooperation based on the measurement of individual performance will increase the efficiency of the entire organization.”

Zbigniew Bakota
Site Director
Arvato Financial Solutions
Bertelsmann Group


“The subject of the optimization of processes is nothing new to our organization. I particularly focused my attention on a tool to measure work, HarmoDesk. In addition, a very interesting idea is the practice of implementation of one improvement a week – I think that the actual application of this principle in the organization brings very beneficial effects.”

Agata Sikora-Szymańska
Service Specialist for Process Optimization


“Participation in the workshop confirmed me in the belief that a permanent increase in productivity requires not only implementing appropriate tools, but above all the creation of a suitable environment in the organization to carry out the changes. Without a change in the mentality of managers and employees, real involvement in the process and strengthening the positive aspects of change, you cannot achieve long term success in improving the productivity of the organization.”

Paweł Moder


“A very good workshop which showed actual examples of how the organization can optimise some of its business processes. One of the most important topics discussed was measurement of work – it is extremely beneficial for an organization to have a tool which allows collecting and processing such data. Although I was familiar with the management styles, I also really liked the approach to the topic presented.”

Pekka Männistö
Business Development Manager
OpusCapita Sp. z o.o.



“The workshop was very to the point, including intense and open exchange of actual examples among participants. The 5-minute sessions were a brilliant idea – knowledge in its purest and condensed form. The volunteering formula provided high involvement among all participants.”

Michal Bogucki
HR Manager
EMEA Centre of Excellence
JDA Software Poland Sp. z o.o.


“A very valuable meeting which opened my eyes to the need to increase transparency in the team – an excellent method here is the visualization of results. The meeting has inspired me to introduce changes in my environment.”

Aleksandra Różycka
PASS Italy − Team Manager
Schneider Electric Polska


“Participation in the meeting and discussions with other participants drew my attention to the need for analysis of individual processes in the organization and their standardization.”

Paweł Zawrzykraj
Manager, European Accounting Center


“Transparency – a topic that caught my attention most strongly. I realized that measurement of work is not only important for managers, but mainly for workers. Information on their effectiveness, the opportunity to compare with others in the team seems to be the perfect motivation to continuously improve quality and productivity at work.”

SSC Director


“An interactive form of the workshop organized by 4Results was for me a source of many thoughts and ideas for change. Analysis of specific activities that add value as well as wastage is useful in the process of building the culture of continuous improvement.”

Piotr Pawłowski
GSS HRS Manager


“An inspiring workshop, I’m glad that I could participate in it – to gain new knowledge and benefit from the rich experience of 4Results. The workshop has provided me with inspiration to optimize a specific process.”

Anna Zagozda
Finance Manager
BSS Polska



“The workshop made me realize the importance of transparency in the organization, I will try to improve this element in my company, so that there was more “glassware”. The elements relating to the equitable distribution of duties among the employees and the methods to increase the amount of work performed, without hiring new people were inspiring.”

Agnieszka Wojciechowska
AP Manager
Fujitsu Services


“The concept for today is transparency − which seems to me the key management tool. The meeting gave me specific inspiration on how to improve the tools already existing in our organization to bring greater effects.”

Michalina Pasierska
Process Optimisation Specialist
Lundbeck Business Service Centre


“I loved the fact that in just one day we learned a structured method for translating Lean, Six Sigma, BPM into the language of simple activities, that are easy to implement that also affect the development of employees and managers, and build long-term commitment to raising productivity. So far, we had different elements, but we lacked a comprehensive approach − the presented methodology
shows a clear path to the goal of involving employees in the continuous improvement process and building a positive organizational culture.”

Ireneusz Truszkowski,
General Manager,
Metsa Global Financial Shared Services


“In my opinion the workshop organized by 4Results is a good option both for those who are just looking for opportunities arising from the practical application of Lean, and for those who are advanced practitioners.
The first group learn about the tools and methods of work, and the other find inspiration for further development of Lean in their organizations. Personally I benefited most from an understanding of the impact of building the culture of Positivity on Productivity and increasing our key metrics.”

Dariusz Bazeli,
General Manager
Geoban Poland, a company of the Santander Group


“Despite the fact that Lean is in place in our company and has been functioning successfully for years − I benefited from the workshop. The aspect of identifying added value for the client has been presented in a very interesting way. I liked the tools, especially solutions for getting and levelling work − they made a big impression on me.”

Piotr Malinowski
Head of EMEA Financial Reporting
The Royal Bank of Scotland


“It was worth investing two days of work of highly qualified accountants serving international clients in the LEAN training carried out by the coaches from 4Results. The visible results are new ideas for improving processes and increasing customer satisfaction with the Accounting service as well as gaining enthusiasm and willingness for their practical implementation.”

Rafał Strzelecki
CEO Extor Accounting Services Sp. z o.o.


“In our company we are constantly working on productivity, so that we are one of the most effective locations of the Group worldwide. During the Lean course, I was surprised by what we saw − how much can still be done, what are the areas to increase efficiency, without the involvement of money, resources, IT, etc.”

Tomasz Brożyna
Chief Operating Officer at Mondial Assistance International S.A.


“The training gave me an opportunity to see and understand the practical application of Lean in operational processes. For many years I have been dealing with the management and optimization of back office teams.
The knowledge of a number of lean optimization tools gives me much new inspiration and many ideas for implementation.”

Katarzyna Szulc
Director of the Customer Service Centre Kredyt Bank S.A.


“My “adventure” with Lean started with participation in the open training session where I saw that the training itself and the tools can be very useful for the center. Hence the quick decision to organize training for all managers. It was my second training session during which specific examples and simulation allowed us to discover practical ways to implement Lean in the operations center. We all saw great potential for improving efficiency in the existing process.
Immediately after the training we started to implement simple changes that bring practical results.”

Anna Oszczepalińska
Director of the Employement Operations Center in Pila, PZU S.A.


“The time was used effectively. I had the opportunity to experience the practical application of optimization tools in just one day. The dynamics of the session, simulation, discussions, exercises, quality of materials provided an opportunity to deepen your knowledge of optimization in an attractive way.”

Katarzyna Banach,
Managing Partner of Grant Thornton


“The workshop was very inspiring. One day was enough to draw my attention to many important aspects of effective management of processes which have not considered as significant.”

Grzegorz Baran
Business Manager
Transcom WorldWide Poland


“I loved the workshop, both in terms of organization and the substance. Practical exercise confirmed the effectiveness of the presented tools. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to better understand the culture of continuous improvement.”

Piotr Jarczyński
Internal Coach, COD
PKO Bank Polski


“During the workshop, we learned a coherent concept of building a culture of continuous improvement. The practical exercises allowed us to absorb knowledge while locating specific Lean tools at a particular stage of development of the organization.”

Artur Dermański
Head of the Productivity Management Department
Bank BGZ S.A.


“A simple simulation using balls easily illustrated how to effectively streamline complex processes in any company. The concept of the competence matrix and equal division of work opened new prospects for cooperation in the team. After a week of the workshop, I have already successfully implemented the first changes.”

Bartosz Zdanowski
Operations Manager


“Transparency and openness in communication − these values should be used to build a culture of LEAN, and the workshop showed specific examples.
Specific results presented using the LEAN Optimization Opportunity Gap and Operational Outcome Overall tools are an excellent motivation for both managers and employees.”

Katarzyna Czupa
Business Process Manager
AXA Polska


“During the workshop, I realized the need to structure actions in the change implementation process, and to combine hard and soft skills. I hope to effectively implement regular meetings with teams and visualization of results in the operations department − so that we can keep the track and enjoy the results of our work.”

Magdalena Kowalska
F&A Operation Manager


“I saw that the sum of small improvements can bring visible effect. I discovered that in order to implement a change you need 3-6 months, not, for instance, two years, so you do not have to run a long process of change to see tangible results. Now I see that we can achieve tangible results in a short time, in any area.”

Darek Wałachowski
IT Shared Services Director


“From my perspective, the most important element was to show that you can combine the portfolio and the process models, and the effects of this approach are impressive. The workshop drew my attention to the need for standardization and transparency in the company − now I start the implementation in our team.”

Katarzyna Fita
Accounting and Taxation Director
Ringier Axel Springer Polska


“The workshop surprised me positively. It systematized my knowledge, helped define priorities and showed the next steps with which the lean tools, which we started to implement, yielded even better results in the optimization of processes.”

Konrad Korczak
Director of Accounting Operations and Processes
IMPEL Business Solutions Sp. z o.o.


“The presentation of practical solutions of the Lean tools seems to me the most valuable element of the meeting. As far as I am concerned, HarmoDesk is extremely powerful − this tool is used for measuring work, which is a huge advantage.”

Maciej Nowicki
Head of Process Management Team
Bank Millennium Spółka Akcyjna


“I am glad that I could take part in the Lean workshop in Polish. Lean tools and methods have been discussed in depth, allowing us to understand the mechanisms that should be used to implement a culture of continuous improvement.”

Michał Leszczyński
Operations Manager


“I realized that it is essential to eliminate wastage. The implementation of one improvement per week and the division of labor are also excellent ideas − the meeting was for me a source of inspiration for change.”

Katarzyna Janusz
Chief Operating Officer
Leasing Team


“I realized the importance of reliable measurement of working time in the organization that provides services. The workshop showed how to improve the measurement process at a company in which de facto measurements are already done. I’m glad that we talked about specific tools related to continuous improvement such as the competence matrix, which help show the extensiveness of the culture of streamlining business processes.”

Anna Mika



“Participation in the workshop was a source of inspiration for me. I realized the enormous role of managers in the process of optimization and their actively involvement in the process of transformation of the organization. We launched lean at our company, we are currently at the initial stage of the implementation of “Continuous Improvement”, focusing on the behavioral side of the transformation − the workshop drew my attention to the fact that training can be carried out in a very interesting way, based on facts, while combining the methodologies, techniques and the “soft” side of the implementation of the new organizational culture.”

Peter Andryszak
PPS Center Europe Director


“I think it’s one of the best courses in which I participated. The content, form and practical simulation helped me understand the need for and benefits of the implementation of the optimization process, the usefulness of the proposed tools in every area of the business, and see how much needs to be done. I also understood how much depends on the appropriate involvement of employees and executives in the process of change. I appreciate the value of Lean as a simple and effective set of optimization tools and practices that support improving efficiency, while building employee engagement in their implementation. I think that knowledge of Lean is a useful step in improving skills and increasing the effectiveness of managers who want to improve the operational efficiency of their managed teams”.

Tomasz Wójcik
Dyrektor Biura Windykacji PZU S. A.