When? March 8th, 9.30 a.m. CET – 10.30 a.m. CET
Why should you participate? You will learn how to boost productivity and positivity by using the simple IT tool for managing work in ser vice center. You will learn how to create environment to engage employees by automation of:

  • Workload Balancing.                   Automated (competency and SLA based) job distribution and  tasks equalisation mechanisms.
  • Team Management.                      Online, reliable data enabling fact-based, fair decisions and enhancing team work.
  • Continuous Improvement.        Automated optimisation potential estimation in order to boost waste elimination.
  • Performance Improvement.     Online KPIs  and team benchmark analysis enhancing best practices sharing.

For whom? For heads of business services operations, managers and leaders of continuous improvement/process excellence teams.



Krzysztof Pimpicki

Co-founder of 4 Results company, co-author of Positive Productivity® methodology, strategic adviser to management boards.

Mateusz Nitek

Head of Positive Productivity® Technology Team


Webinar agenda:

1.Introduction to HarmoDesk tool: measurement and workflow features.

2.How to achieve full transparency of work?

3.How to ensure fair work distribution in the team?

4.How automate potential estimation and waste elimination?

5.What is the impact of automation on engagement?



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